Sensationsfund: Mick Jagger erfindet neue Sprache

Rolling Stones Frontmann und Hobby-Linguist Mick Jagger war schon immer mehr der Avantgardist unter den den Rock’n’Rollern. Dieser Auftritt aus dem Jahre 1976 zeigt den sympathischen Sänger bei einer hochinteressanten Interpretation seines Hits „Jumping Jackflash“. Hier ein Text-Transcript:

“Yah Awa bo anna craw fah huh cay Anna ho alamo in a try ray Buh ah ray ah now yeah and fad is a gay Oh ray now, a jumpin jay flay sa gas gas gah. Ah wa lay bah a toodleh beedeh hay. Ah wa sko wid a strap rahda craws ma bah. Bahda oh ray now en fad is a gay. Buh oh ray now jumpin jah flah sa da ga ga geh “

via dangerous minds


3 Gedanken zu „Sensationsfund: Mick Jagger erfindet neue Sprache

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  3. RdW

    This was one hell of a show. This was „The Keith Show“. His
    baby daughter just passed from sudden death syndrome, and he put all his
    emotions into this. It was a very emotional show for him. You cannot
    take anything away from this show. It was absolutely superb. Keith is playing his heart out. And Ronnie sounds great here. Mick was on stronger drugs than usual this night.


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